Vibration I
Nat Rad
Medium: oil on canvas
Title of Painting: “Vibrate I”Medium: Oil on Canvas, FramedArtist statement:Vibration I is one of a series of works, including Shimmer which was selected in 2018 for the Busselton Art Award, that consider the translation of sound into a visual representation.I lived for a long time within the shadow of the Albany Port silos and the ever-present sound of this structure dominated the neighbourhood and was the background soundscape to my live. Having recently moved from the area I am distilling the memory of the soundscape in my art practice.The large structure is represented in glazed layers produced by hand cut stencils. The colour palette and composition of offset layers were developed through a number of studies to allude to the vibration of the working silo. The placement of stencils to build up layers of structure intentionally represent the hum and pulse of the mechanism.My visual art practice continues to be influenced by sound as a further means of understanding a subject. Nat Rad 2020
43 CM x
 63 CM