Who Doesn'T Love The Avocets?
Sue Kalab
Medium: watercolour
My career as a watercolour artist began in the early 1980s and has evolved to make a statement. My art explores the world of nature with a touch of imagination to add colour and context. My key message is to open eyes to nature’s beauty and intelligence, the value of conservation and to appreciate every orchid, bird, nest, tree and plant in the vast variety of flora and fauna in bush and beaches that we have in Australia. Throughout 2019 around 75 Red-necked Avocets visited Leschenault Estuary. I sat for hours with a telescope to catch the poetry and the light of rare glimpses of these nomadic shorebirds that quest the feeding grounds of our estuary. This work took absolutely ages. It became my “Coronavirus expression 2020”. It was borne out of personal tragedy at New Year. Several months went by and as the knowledge of the pandemic evolved the sudden, unexpected quiet of those early weeks of lock-down brought a beautiful lull of hush to the world. Painting with a sad heart at that time, I became lifted by the wings of these birds of our shores, and a sort of magic arose which I can’t quite explain.
50 Cm CM x
 105 Cm CM